Ventura County Historic Preservation Plan. In conjunction with the Ventura County Planning Department, SBRA authored a comprehensive historic preservation plan and policy document covering the unincorporated sections of the County and cities participating in the County’s cultural heritage preservation program. This plan included a detailed evaluation of current policy contained within the County and City general plans, and a thorough examination of current programs and procedures. Chapters in the plan included: goals, policies and programs, preservation education, historic context, an administrative history of the County’s preservation program, state and federal regulatory settings, future survey priorities, and a future action agenda. The plan established a set of new programs intended to promote the implementation of preservation goals, including the creation of incentives for preservation within the zoning ordinance, strengthening of the County’s cultural heritage regulations, and the refinement of environmental review procedures. [Ventura County Resource Management Agency, 1997]

City of Burbank Historic Preservation Plan. [City of Burbank, 1999]