San Buenaventura Research Associates has completed hundreds of historic resources investigations in connection with a wide variety of public and private projects within California, Nevada and Arizona.*

Historic Resources Reports.

Environmental Impact Reports.

These reports typically involve the development of historic context statements, architectural descriptions, site-specific developmental histories, land use histories, evaluations of significance according to National Register of Historic Places, California Register of Historical Resources, and local criteria, determinations of project impacts, production of mitigation programs and historic sites documentation. SBRA specializes in the production of creative, community-based historic resources mitigation and project alternative programs.

Section 106 Eligibility Determinations. SBRA has completed thousands of historic resources evaluations for compliance with Section 106 of the Historic Preservation Act of 1966.

Historic Resources Surveys. SBRA has conducted many large-scale historic resources surveys throughout California, utilizing both intensive-level and reconnaissance methodologies. Many of the comprehensive surveys were funded by the California State Historic Preservation Office and conducted according to state survey guidelines.

National Register of Historic Places Nominations. SBRA has completed numerous National Register of Historic Places nominations, including nominations accepted by the Keeper of the National Register for listing at the national level of significance.

Historic Preservation Planning. San Buenaventura Research Associates provides qualified planning support services to public agencies. SBRA staff has the ability to apply in-depth, direct experience with planning agency issues and programs to the development of solutions to historic preservation-related problems, including the production of ordinances, historic preservation plans, permit processing and environmental review procedures.

Other Reports and Publications. SBRA has completed the documentation required to support Mills Acts applications for clients in a number of cities, written and published books, and prepared historic property documentation.

*We have made many of our reports available for download as PDF files for the benefit of the local history research community. These reports are public record, but for purposes of reproduction and reuse, it should not be assumed that they are in the public domain. If material in these reports is used in the preparation of other documents and reports, please cite the title of the report or document, and San Buenaventura Research Associates as the author. We also appreciate notification of their use.